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NEVER USE synthetic based essences and ALWAYS check a full EU license is obtained for cosmetic purpose before purchase. Be the first to hear about great offers and new products when they arrive… Learn more about the nature of stress and how you can effectively cope with stress at work, at home and in life generally. The Skills You Need Guide to Stress and Stress Management eBook covers all you need to know to help you through those stressful times and become more resilient. This page examines how our sense of smell can help us relax and affect our perceptions of personal wellbeing.


Rosemary is a good oil for this, however it should not be used during pregnancy so this would not be a suitable choice whilst pregnant. Make sure you thoroughly research the oil you plan to use and make sure if fits with your circumstances. Not only that, depending on how you are planning to use it may also affect your use of a blend, such as whether your whole family, including children will come into contact with the oils you have chosen.


Aromatherapy is now being recognised in the science world and is listed on The NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners. It has gained steam in palliative care and is increasingly used alongside conventional treatment. Research into its effectiveness is encouraging and continues to grow. Whether your pain is musculoskeletal, neuropathic or any other, we can help.

If you have back pain, for instance, an aromatherapist might select lavender or marjoram to relieve muscle spasm, or ginger if you have a circulatory problem. Other oils such as rosemary or peppermint are thought to have stimulating properties. Well known for its insect repelling qualities this oil has a sweet lemony/woody fragrance. However it can do a whole lot more including, helping to treat colds, ease muscular related conditions, fight infections, as well has help to ease stress & anxiety. So, whether you love to run a hot bath with a relaxing bathing and massage oil or energise with an invigorating shower scrub. We have something for everyone to take a little time out every day – just for you.

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Because the product was not a licensed medicine or a CE marked medical device, the ASA ruled that the medicinal claims had been made without the necessary certification or authorisation . Esssential Oils Online have been established since 2004 and have one of the largest range of English Essential Oils and products in the UK. We specialise in Therapeutic grade essential oils and have a passion for selling the best essential oils in the UK at the most competitive prices. Stroke is the second largest cause of death worldwide, causing disease with long-term consequences and considerable healthcare costs. The application of new nursing interventions aimed at reducing distressing behaviors and at increasing patient comfort is an important part of the care and, until now, there are no defined guidelines. Aromatherapy has been demonstrated to be efficient in several other neurological disorders for the treatment of somatic and emotional diseases and to promote patient health.

Light a soothing candle, spray an energising atmosphere mist or rub a calming body oil onto your pressure points. These small moments of calm throughout the day are the true meaning of what aromatherapy is all about. Aromatherapy is the use of Essential Oils delivered from plants for the purpose of enhancing well-being. Ancient Wisdom Wholesale ranges include Essential Oils, Massage Oils, Base Oils, Bath Potions, Aromatherapy Soaps, Wheat Bags, Lotion and Potion and very popular Ear Candles and of course the essential Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy with Pure Essential Oils, Base Oils, Massage Oils, Floral Waters, Lotion and Potion, Oil Burners, Diffusers and Essential Oil Starter and Stand. We aim to bring you the best selling and most profitable aromatherapy you can stock and to be highly competitive – let us know if you can buy cheaper elsewhere.

The FHT shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from any information contained in this document. It is a combination of the word ‘aroma’, from the Greek word meaning ‘sweet odour or sweet herb’, and the word ‘therapy’, from the Greek word ‘therapeia’ meaning ‘healing’. Whatever line of work you choose to move into within the aromatherapy field, there is a wide range of courses available to help you gain the correct knowledge and expertise. There are a few different roles that you can move into after training in aromatherapy. Being an ‘Aromatherapist’ is not a protected title so officially registering is optional.

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Carrier oils that we supply include Sweet Almond carrier oil, Grapeseed oil, Argan oil, Rosehip Seed oil, Jojoba and Coconut oil. Essential oils have a long tradition of use in natural medicine, perfume, incense, skincare products and health care. Using essential oils for therapeutic purposes is known as aromatherapy (i.e. aromatherapy oils) and has been practised for thousands of years. Aromatherapy oils and diffuser oils are used to promote feelings of wellbeing and enhance mood.

Whether you want a specific oil or blend to uplift and invigorate, or one to set a calming ambience, you can tailor the use of an aromatherapy diffuser to set the scene for your mood. Aromatherapy massage brings together the therapeutic benefits of both essential oils and massage therapy. In addition to being calming and healing, aromatherapy massage impacts all of your body’s systems, from your circulatory and nervous systems to the lymphatic and musculoskeletal systems.

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As your sense of smell and your emotions are so closely linked, is able to tap into your emotions, directly impacting your mental wellbeing and promoting restorative sleep. This aromatherapy book takes you on an empowering journey of self-care. It begins by unpacking what aromatherapy and essential oils are, how to use them correctly and how to safely get the most out of them. This reference book is divided into wellbeing treatments designed to uplift the mind, body, and spirit. Also included are healing treatments designed to address, relieve, and help cure a range of common conditions. Hydrolats, also known as flower waters or floral waters, are the therapeutic waters collected when pure essential oils are steam-distilled.

Coming in a recyclable cardboard box with removable ribbon pull to open, there’s an equivalent of two 10ml essential oil bottles inside. Plus, one thing we noticed due to its holder composition is that ceramic doesn’t become red hot to touch like glass candles do. These are candles at high end prices, but the robust, centrepiece holder does impress us. The range includes a brand-new diffuser with fine mist waterless innovation and accompanying essential oils, plus candles in its bestselling scents. Aromatherapy Crystals are also available in a choice of specialist fragrances including the ‘Set the Mood’ range, created to do exactly as it says on the label. These indulgent, skin softening and soothing spa crystals melt your aches and pains away and the scents are based on your favourite cocktail drinks.


Aromatherapists will often talk you through ways of using aromatherapy at home so you can continue to reap the benefits. Here are just a few ways you can incorporate the power of essential oils into your daily routine. The aromatherapist will discuss the available oils and the properties they hold.

Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy and Original Swiss Aromatics were founded by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt in 1983, joined by Monika Haas in 1988 and Julien Juillerat in 2012. Since 1985, the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy has offered high-level study materials, examination and certification by correspondence to enthusiasts all over the world. I run my own cleaning business and use your room sprays in my clients homes. Just today a customer loved the Neroli Calm spray I used and I have passed on your website link to them. I agree to refrain from including any personally identifiable information or protected health information in the comment field. At this busy time of year, please make sure your address is filled in correctly on your order and you advice a safe place to leave the parcel.

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Nowadays, Aromatherapy is one of the most popular and effective forms of complementary medicine. The Greeks believed that sweet aromatic aromas were divine in origin. In their ancient myths, gods descended to earth on scented clouds, wearing robes that were drenched in aromatic essences. After death, the Greeks also believed that the departed went to Elysium where the air was permanently fragranced with sweet-smelling aromas from perfumed rivers. This should be of little surprise, in view of the fact that Greek soldiers would also take an ointment, containing myrrh, into battle for its excellent antimicrobial and wound-healing properties. Our aromatherapists specialise in the holistic definition and/or clinical definition approach to their therapy.

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One of the main ones is knowing that the plants used in the oil were not grown using man-made fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. Tea tree oil also blends well with other essential oils, including rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus and lavender. The synergy of essential oils and plant extract to stimulate the body and mind. However, the concept of 강원여성전용마사지 was invented in 1937 by a French scientist after suffering a burnt incident which spurred his curiosity on the healing power of essential oils. Today, aromatherapy has gained prominence and is used in spas, yoga class and in hospital to promote alternative healing and general human wellness.

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The management of pain is mandatory for the care of stroke patients. Pain after stroke is a symptom commonly reported but often incompletely managed. It can be easily overlooked due to its variable characteristics, concurrent comorbid medical issues, or impairments in cognition or communication. While pain can create its own disabilities secondary to a decrease in function, its effect on the recovery of post-stroke patients can substantially impact a patient’s future quality of life. Aromatherapy could also be less expensive and has fewer side effects than traditional pain management drugs.


The Chinese used these together with their traditional herbal medicines and acupuncture. In the Middle Ages, incense and aromas were used as disinfectants and to purify the air from poisons and diseases. They were extensively used to fumigate and protect during epidemics of plague in France and England in the 17th century. This included the use of aromatic oils and flourished until the late 19th century when more scientific medicine slowly became available. Aromatic oils were widely used in ancient civilisations for a variety of purposes.


Whether you decide to visit a spa or try aromatherapy massage at home, the therapeutic essential oils are guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and totally reinvigorated. With over 400 essential oils to choose from, each oil is specifically formulated to combat individual complaints, meaning you’ll always end up with your very own bespoke treatment. Each essential oil has its own specific health benefit, so if you do have a particular ailment or worry, your therapist should be able to advise you as to which oil will work best with your body to achieve the desired effect. Aromatherapy massage is a powerful way to help you relax and unwind at the end of a long and tiring day. Enjoy blissful relaxation and an indulgent sensory experience with the Wellbeing Collection of essential aromatherapy oils.

Cold-pressed from sweet orange peels, orange essential oil is sweet, energising, and antimicrobial. Diffusing orange oil in the morning may lift your mood and focus your mind for a productive day. Researchers believe aroma molecules in essential oils interact with the olfactory receptors in your nose. When inhaled, they send messages via the olfactory nerve to an area of the brain called the amygdala2. It’s part of the limbic system, responsible for emotions, behaviour, heart rate, and memory.

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There is therefore a case to be made that if either aromatherapy or a placebo is effectively used, then this may benefit some people in clinical settings. Whilst there is little hard evidence that aromatherapy is an effective clinical therapy, it may help you relax and improve your general well-being. Whilst aromatherapy has shown evidence of reducing anxiety, stress and depression, controlled studies indicate that the benefits are likely a placebo effect. Whether you have pulled a muscle while exercising or suffer from painful back spasms, massaging the effected area with oils has been found to relieve or improve symptoms. We provide a comprehensive range of Essential Oils, Vegetable Oils, Organically Certified oils, Cosmetic Ingredients Floral Absolutes, and Natural Health & Beauty products.

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Extract and blend your own aromatic essential oils to care for and heal yourself, follow step-by-step massage routines, and combine aromatherapy with yoga, meditation, and breathwork to deliver maximum benefit to you. This is the use of essential plant oils to improve physical and mental well-being. We have been sharing the therapeutic powers of essential oils for over 30 years. Starting out as therapists in the early 1970s, our founders, Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey, connected with the emerging practice of aromatherapy. Most of us are trying to live happy, healthy and successful lives – we want to eat right, sleep well and love deeply – so, a helping hand is often welcome. Aromatherapy may not cure all life’s problems, but it can be a nice boost to improve sleep, reduce stress, and clear the mind.

Ylang ylang, palmarosa and chamomile essential oils are often used during hot stone massages to foster relaxation and to promote sleep. As well as being great for soothing sore muscles along with any other aches and pains, aromatherapy massage can help to ease the symptoms of many medical conditions. If everyday life has left you feeling burnt out, an aromatherapy massage could be just what you need to de-stress and recharge. The current perspective explaining the efficacy of essential oils is largely derived from conventional pharmacology.

When my ordered arrived the next day, I also received some samples of incense sticks, the fragrance of which I wouldn’t normally have chosen . To go further in your knowledge in naturopathy and aromatherapy, we suggest you to find some books on phytotherapy, vegetable oils, hydrolats or even the use of essential oils for culinary use. To put your achievements into practice, discover also on our online store our selection of essential oils complexes or of unitary essential oils adapted to your needs. Lemon is a favourite among the citrus oils due to its fresh and clean scent. Taken from the zest of the lemon fruit, lemon essential oil is typically used to ease stress, reduce fatigue and insomnia as well as skin conditions such as acne. It is a versatile oil and also be used for clearing bad odours from rooms, help with athlete’s foot and reduce flu like symptoms.

This book remained the standard medical reference for the Western world for at least the next twelve hundred years and earned Dioscorides the title of “The Father of Pharmacology”. Hippocrates ( BC), born in Greece, and known as the “Father of Medicine” wrote about the useful properties of plants and herbs, effectively recording all the knowledge that had been gained from the Egyptians. His treatments would include massage with infusions, the internal use of herbs, baths and physical therapies. Surgery would only be used as a last resort and he regarded the entire body as an organism – the concept of holism.

Our aim is to provide informative, inspiring and topical stories about mental health and wellbeing. We want to break the stigma of mental health in our society, and to shine a light on the positivity and support that should be available for everyone, no matter their situation. Relaxation is an active skill that requires development through practice. Learning relaxation techniques can bring health benefits for everyone, including people with MS. Whether you’re a home crafter, salon owner, or just want to be in control of what you and your family put on your skin and hair, we can help. From skin creams to aromatherapy kits, we have been continuously developing our unique knowledge of natural ingredients since our founding in 1997.


Essential oil & Aromatherapy oil specialist, supplying Therapeutic Grade, 100% Pure Essential oils, Organic Essential oils and Aromatherapy oils in the UK. Ramsey, J. T., Shropshire, B. C., Nagy, T. R., Chambers, K. D., Li, Y., and Korach, K. S. Restore balance with a rich, hydrating routine with soothing fragrance using our Eau Ressourçante products. This four-step tonic routine will leave your skin feeling toned, moisturised and protected, with your mind refreshed.

It is especially useful in the aiding relaxation which may in turn help promote physiological birth. Oils can be prepared for use in baths, compresses, poultices or ointments and can be made up as gargles or sprays for inhalation. Occasionally they may be used orally by those who are qualified in orthodox medicine.

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This essential oil has been used for hundreds of years by native shamans for spirituality and prayer. As such, this is a wonderful oil to incorporate into meditation practices. This is part of the Burseraceae family and carries notes of pine, lemon and mint, so also smells great. Using essential oils during pregnancy is a controversial practice. There is concern that oils may cross the placental barrier and harm the developing foetus. The easiest way to spot a poor quality essential oil is the name on the label.

These chemicals which contain active ingredients are extracted from the plants in the form of oils through a distillation process. To preserve the strength of the chemicals, the oils are mixed with alcohol, thus forming a very concentrated antioxidant substance which can be mixed with other chemicals and used in aromatherapy. These synthetic copies proved to be very powerful, and are what modern drugs are based on today. Unfortunately though, dabbling in this way with natural products, caused numerous side effects to develop when using synthetic drugs. These side effects then often require treatment in themselves, which leads to further side effects and further problems developing. During the Middle Ages, the main route of trade with Arab civilisations at the time was via Venice and it was here that the origins of a craze for perfumed leather gloves can be traced.

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With so many different brands and options on the market, it can be difficult to know which essential oils are the best. There are a number factors to keep in mind when distinguishing between a high quality and poor quality or substandard essential oil, and price is not the most important factor. Doing your research and finding a good supplier is an important step when choosing essential oils. Diffusing essential oils involves releasing the volatile compounds of the oils into the air, allowing you to breathe them in.